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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Praise for VELLUM:

"Overwhelming in its complexity, sumptuous in its recitation, this is a truly monumental work."
-- The Good Book Guide

What you have been taught, lover of the sublime, is a lie that made you live a lie...

In the 21st century, a scalpel slices bible pages, passages spliced to restore lost truth. In the days of King Herod, the messias rises, calling to black sheep: walk with me. Now, here, between two aeons and across Æternity, a beloved student rebuilds his Gospel for the era of Anonymous: anarchist, socialist, atheist, revolutionary. Forget the tale you were spun and open your ears to the teacher who said, I will have mercy and not sacrifice. From the Hebridean fishing village of Capernaum, to a Jerusalem under Il Duce Pontius Pilate.

The Empire ends today.


The Boy Who Loved Death

Praise for the previous short story collection, SCRUFFIANS!:

"... a wickedly entertaining collection of short fiction fantastical and queer in nature—full of “scruffians and scamps and sodomites,” with some pirates and fairies besides. These stories range from comedic romps to lyrical and meditative explorations on the nature of meaning-making, while Duncan’s engaging and clever voice resonates throughout as a strong thread connecting the various different sorts of pieces."
Brit Mandelo,

An anarcho-socialist Big Bad Wolf blowing down the houses of the Powers-That-Be. An Erocide cop lamenting the many ways people murder love. A vampire sworn to the light of Reason, engaged in experiments of gruesome rigour. A multiversal rebel invading the movie Casablanca to save his lost love from the Nazis. From the savage and joyous to the jaded and sorrowful, whether mournful or madcap, these eighteen stories from award-winning author Hal Duncan take a twisted look at death, the truest love you'll ever have.

Table of Contents

The Chiaroscurist
The Last Shift
The Tale of the Six Monkeys'' Tails
The Face of the Divine
The Wolf and the Three Wise Monkeys
The Drifter's Tale
The Liberating of the Devil Boy*
Broken Hearts in Bullet Time
The Last Straw
Join the Club
The Boy Who Loved Death
The Death of a Love
The Toymaker's Grief
Styx Water and a Sippy Cup
Last Drink Bird Head
The Beast of Buskerville
Die, Vampire, Die!
A Scruffian Christmas

*Previously unpublished


Monday, October 19, 2015

Fantasycon Schedule

Having managed to scrape up some dosh and cadge a lift, this coming weekend I shall be at Fantasycon in Nottingham. Here's where you can find me:


Room: The bar
X.00pm Arriving, Drinking, Saying Hi
Do they have Guinness? Hey, how's things? What're you having? Can you watch this while I go for a fag? Wait, what time is--fuck, I have a panel!

Immoderator: Hal Duncan
Panellists: You?

Room: Conference Theatre
8.00pm Doing ‘It’ Right: Love, Romance & Sexy Times
Why are we often so reticent about love in genre fiction? Conversely sex seems to be everywhere, often done badly. How do we show love in a better light and balance plot tension with sexual tension? Warning: adult references (& childish innuendo)

  • the perfect sex scene: making up making out/making love
  • a matter of taste: where are the ‘no-go’ areas?
  • is love undervalued as a character motivation?
  • how can our characters express their feelings without mawkishness?
  • diversity and sexuality in genre fiction: what works and what doesn’t?
  • are ‘romance’ and ‘conflict’ mutually exclusive terms?
  • finding the right words: choosing appropriate vernacular

Moderator: Den Patrick
Panellists: Hal Duncan, Cassandra Khaw, Kim Lakin-Smith, Foz Meadows

Room: The bar
X.00pm Drinking, Saying Hi, Getting Drunk
Do they have apple juice? Can I have a rum and apple juice then? Hey, how's things? What're you having? Can you watch this while I go for a fag? Wait, what time is--fuck, I have a reading!

Immoderator: Hal Duncan
Panellists: You again? Maybe some other folk?

Room: Wherever the readings are at
10:00pm I do a reading
Will there be words? Will they be read? Will it be me reading them? Will it be sexy times in keeping with the panel, or will I go for something timely like a snippet of TESTAMENT? Can I be bothered to bring my suit? Will I remember to mention the Patreon for readings?

Immoderator: Hal Duncan
Panellists: One glass of dark/spiced rum & apple juice


Room: The bar
Will I be drinking all day in celebration of the release of TESTAMENT? Will I be happy to sign books, possibly even sell them? How early will I make it to the bar after the previous night? Will I leave the bar at any point other than to go outside for a fag? Will I actually eat something at any point?

Immoderator: Hal Duncan
Panellists: Some copies of TESTAMENT probably, in hand or available from the dealer's room


Room: The bar
X:00am The Glory of Irn Bru
Join us in this homage to Scotland's other national drink. And then start getting squiffy all over again probably.

Moderator: One glass bottle or two cans of Irn Bru, depending on availability
Panellists: Two Anadin Extra

Room: Not sure
12:00pm Mass Signing
Do you want your book signed? Did you buy one or more of my books? Did you know my brand new novel TESTAMENT would be available from the Eibonvale Press table? Did you know I'd also be bringing down copies of BFA-nominees SCRUFFIANS! and RHAPSODY? Are they at the Eibonvale Press table too or am I lugging some around? Do you know that ERRATA and FABBLES:1 will be purchasable too--six quid each or two for a tenner? Do you want ALL THE THINGS signed?

Imperator: Your booklust
Panellists: ALL THE THINGS

Room: The banquet hall
X:00pm British Fantasy Awards Ceremony
Will I lose twice for double the failure? Will Neil Williamson and I jinx each other? Will I get a chance to slip the phrase "in all modesty" into an acceptance speech? Will a single victory by one or t'other turn Neil and I against each other, turn the car journey home into a slow-burning drama of bitter jealousy corroding friendship, leading ultimately to a devastating tragic dénouement? Or will we stand united, ever the proud Scots, resolute in our capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Or even from the jaws of defeat?

Moderator Furiosa: Lady Luck
Panellists: The jury members

Room: The bar
X:00pm And One More for the Road
Will I be celebrating or commiserating? Will I be having a last wee drink either way before we hit the road? How many boozes can I booze in half an hour, or fifteen minutes, or five? Shall I stick to spirits so I don't need a piss like ten seconds after we set out?

Moderator: Neil Williamson
Panellists: Hal Duncan, Hal Duncan's Id, Hal Duncan's Liver

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cover Reveal: Testament

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Song for David Cameron

(with apologies to the MC5)

Right now...
Right now...
It's time to...

*guitar riff kicks in*

Well I feel pretty good
And I guess that I could
Fuck gammon now maybe.
We all like some head
And I'm horny, he said,
David Cameron, baby.
You know how I want it,
That pork hot and tight.
My cock can't stand it
If it's cooled overnight.
So lemme leave you the spam...
And lemme fuck all the hams!
Yeah, fuck all the hams!
I wanna fuck that pig!

Now I'm thinking of lard,
You know my prick's all hard,
As I'm stripping now, baby.
And the mouth's open wide
And I slide and I glide
In the dripping.
I gotta have it, baby. I can't do without.
I get that feeling, gotta knock one out.
So put that pork in my hand
And let me fuck all the hams!
Yeah, fuck all the hams!
I wanna fuck that pig!

Got to get it up,
You know he can't get enough,
David Cameron.
He says that head on the plate,
Man, that bacon awaits
A good hammering.
I got a pig's head and the gravy needs cum.
Well, I wanna keep on fucking till the morning comes.
So lemme be who I am
And let me fuck all the hams!
Yeah, fuck all the hams!
I done fucked that pig!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Island of the Pirate Gods

The Island of the Pirate Gods teaser from Hal Duncan on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sad Puppy



Sad Puppy get up get coffee
Sad Puppy go to work
Sad Puppy write awesome fiction
For SJW jerks
Jerks say Sad Puppy very diligent
But his output stink
His work not "functional" or "elegant"
What do Sad Puppy think?
Sad Puppy think SJW want to kill science fiction out of spite
Sad Puppy not racist, just prick
Sad Puppy not sexist, just dick

Sad Puppy hate Hugos
Sad Puppy hate SJWs
Sad Puppy very straight white man
With wee cold broken rotten heart:
Sad Puppy hate you
Sad Puppy hate you

Sad Puppy try to game the Hugos
Tell you better vote right
Sad Puppy offer slate of garbage
Bring you hate, bring you spite
You say no thank you for the garbage cause
Garbage pile of kack
No Award is better than these nominees
No time for hacks
Sad Puppy have long walk back to internet he sit down to whine at world
Sad Puppy not thinking so straight
Sad Puppy not feeling so great

Sad Puppy hate Hugos
Sad Puppy hate SJWs
Sad Puppy very straight white man
With wee cold broken rotten heart:
Sad Puppy hate you
Sad Puppy hate you

Sad Puppy have every reason
To shut up at last
Sad Puppy just keep on whining
Living in the past
Much rather rant and throw a hissy fit
Take hump, take huff
This genre "ruined by the politics"
Such a load of guff
Sad Puppy swear someday he have everything even sweet award like you
Sad Puppy just waiting for now
Sad Puppy say someday, somehow

Sad Puppy hate Hugos
Sad Puppy hate SJWs
Sad Puppy very straight white man
With wee cold broken rotten heart:
Sad Puppy hate you

Sad Puppy hate you

Saturday, July 18, 2015

And a Pinch of Salt

Issue 15 of Farrago's Wainscot as my latest short story, "And a Pinch of Salt," up there on the interwebs for your perusal. Click through for a tale of Anselm and cocksucking:

God works in mysterious ways—down strange back-alleys mostly, in enchanting side-streets off the boulevard, past the corner boys and through, between the narrow of tenement walls warped to concave overhangs, weird tiered storeys of them rising each side of the cobbled lane to swallow an urban explorer of New Sodom, as a crack in the cityscape, a gorge of interstice all dumpsters and darkness and fire escapes zigzagging up to the jut of rooftops limned with moonlight, and framed between them, in the distance up ahead, a queer red iron Tour Eiffel straight from Delaunay's cubist canvas, standing as a foundry-wrought sentinel at avenue's end, down past the rhombuses of redlit brothel windows where, inside, nine muses are kissing an amorous john called Humphrey to ecstatic death just as is chalked on the pavement underfoot in couplets...